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We have horses for sale, at several different educational levels and also horses in different price ranges. With us you can try the horse, on the track, in the riding house or a walk in the forest. We are committed to helping you find the right horse for your need.

Feel free to contact Dennis for further information.


Our horses are priced as follows:

A: 0-50.000 DKK
B: 50.000-100.000 DKK
C: 100.000-150.000 DKK
D: 150.000-200.000 DKK
E: 200.000-250.000 DKK
F: 250.000 DKK and upward

Aðall has the potential to do great in both sport and gædingakeppni and he would be a great choice, for an ambitious junior/young rider, who wants to compete at the highest level Pricecategory: F

She would be interesting for someone who is looking for a talented competitionhorse to develop further, or an interesting breedingmare.

Category: D

Ágústínus will be interesting for a rider who wants a talented horse to develop and educate further. Category: B  

Tígulàs is a sweet horse with medium willingness and sensitive for the rider in a good way and he will be perfect for a young rider, who wants to ride F1, T.2 and pp1. Pricecategory: C

Søger du en charmerende hest du kan videreudvikle til stævner eller til nogle gode ture i skoven er Baldur måske noget for dig Pricecategory: B