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We have horses for sale, at several different educational levels and also horses in different price ranges. With us you can try the horse, on the track, in the riding house or a walk in the forest. We are committed to helping you find the right horse for your need.

Feel free to contact Dennis for further information.


Our horses are priced as follows:

A: 0-50.000 DKK
B: 50.000-100.000 DKK
C: 100.000-150.000 DKK
D: 150.000-200.000 DKK
E: 200.000-250.000 DKK
F: 250.000 DKK and upward

Undri vil egne sig godt som luksus skovturshest, da han ikke kigger på noget, men bare tølter afsted. Undri er til den erfarende rytter. Priskategori: B

Láki vil være det oplagte valg for en ambitiøs ungrytter, som vil have en talentfuld stævnehest med masser af udstråling, eller til rytteren som vil have en velredet luksus skovturshest med fantastiske gangarter og sind.
Priskategori C

Óskar has what it takes to do great in sport. His gaits are easy and well separated, especially his pace is extremely promising. Pricecategory: F

Magnus is really welltrained, light on the rein and he has been competing in both tölt, 4- and 5gait. He could be the perfect match, for an ambitious junior- or youngrider. Pricecategory: E